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Lompoc’s Weather


Johns Manville Brick Plant 1958 Front row: Larry Gonzales, Lee Palmer, Ysabel Yanez (one person not named?) Second row: Ben Aguilar, Raul Solorio, Rudolph Garza, Pablo Carlon Third Row: Roberto Hernandez, Rosendo Carlos, Jack Truman, Joseph McCoy, Ralph Tolman

johns Manville 1958 Department Heads Front row: J.D. DeBolt, R.K. Rourke, O.B. Westmont, G.G. Schuknecht, R.D. Newcomb Center row: G.K. Noe, C.A. Carlson, C.W. Sphar, F.E. Henderson, R.C. Jacobs Back row: S.E. Horn, G.W. Porter, H.G. Thompson, L.L. Johnson, F.M. Riggs