Historical Ramblings

Historical Ramblings appears in the Lompoc Record on an occasional basis.  All columns are archived on this page in pdf format, readable with Acrobat Reader.  If you don’t have Acrobat Reader, you can download it HERE.

Jack Powers – Notorious California Outlaw

Temperance – The trials and tribulations of a dry town

Fabing-McKay-Spanne House – Lompoc’s first two story wooden residence

Mary Sargent – Murdered by Indians?

Lompoc’s Agricultural Legacy – If you have food on the table, thank a farmer

Camp Cooke – The military comes to town

Lompoc’s Landmarks – The ten official Lompoc landmarks

Memories of a WWII Blimp Pilot – Recollections of an 82 year old former Blimp pilot

Lompoc’s Ill Fated College – The story of College Avenue’s namesake

Lompoc Grammar School – Lompoc’s first in-town school

Lompoc’s Early Business Climate – When downtown was all there was

Maple School – A valley landmark

Aloha Beach – Lompoc’s beach resort

Alpha Club – 106 Years of Community Service

A Glossary of Lompoc Place Names – Understand what old-timers are talking about

A Moving Experience – Moving Structures Around Lompoc

Marching Through History – At 180 beats per minute

History is Music to Our Ears – Piano teacher’s legacy lives on

A Historical Trip Downtown – Childhood memories of downtown past

Lompoc’s Final Resting Place – The Evergreen Cemetery offers history lessons.

Lompoc’s Cultural Center – The Opera House

Lompoc’s Volunteer Firefighters – Manning the hoses

Evolution of Lompoc’s Post Office – The Post Office Leaves a Forwarding Address

Between Secularization and Temperance – What Happened in those “missing years?”

From Popcorn to Paint – The Story of Ed Beard

Lighting the Way for 150 Years – The Pt. Concepcion Lighthouse

The Light on the Rocky Finger – The Pt. Arguello Lighthouse

Lompoc’s Pioneer Party – The Golden Jubilee Celebration

Nature Claims La Purisima – The Earthquake of 1812

Lompoc’s Link to Hollywood – Morgan Wallace

Lompoc’s Centerpiece Flagpole – “Meet Me at the Flagpole”

60 Years of Chinese Food – The Rice Bowl, a Lompoc Tradition

Skating Through Time – Floresta Park Memories

The Living Is Swell – “I Had a Ball in Big L” Returns

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