Consider becoming a member of the Lompoc Valley Historical Society.  Your membership dues assist with the ongoing renovation and maintenance of the Fabing-McKay-Spanne House.  There is no residency requirement for being a member.  Many of our members live outside our immediate area. 

Membership Classes:

  • Active Membership: Single - $25 annually; Family, $35 annually
    This category is for those interested in actively participating in the Society.
  • Sustaining Membership - Individuals - $50 annually - Groups - $100 annually
    This category is for those offering only moneteary support with no interest in activities.
  • Patron - $250 annually
  • Life Membership - Individuals - $250; Family $350 (living under one roof); Organization - $500
  • Junior, under 18 years of age - $5 annually


  • Lompoc Legacy: A quarterly publication highlighting specific subjects relating to local history. This publication can be mailed or emailed.
  • Preserve Lompoc's history for the enjoyment of future generations!
  • 10% discount: includes books, collectibles, photos, etc.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Lompoc Valley Historical Society, please send your check or money order to our mailing address. Click to fill out and print the membership form:

Lompoc Valley Historical Society
P.O. Box 88
Lompoc, CA  93438-0088

Our physical address is:                  207 North L Street
                                          Lompoc, CA  93436

You can contact us via email by using this link HERE

Donations are also gratefully accepted in any amount:

  • For specific projects - These may include ongoing genealogy projects, miscellaneous archival projects, artifact displays or historical home maintenance.  If you do not have a project in mind, simply state that your donation be used "wherever the need is greatest."
  • In memory of a deceased family member or friend - Memorial contributions may be made to the Society in the name of a deceased person, in any amount the donor wishes to contribute.  Please include the name, birth and death year of the deceased.  This information will be engraved on our memorial boards housed within the Fabing-McKay-Spanne House.
  • Donations of locally significant historical documents, maps and artifacts are also accepted. 
  • Collectible items may also be donated to be sold in our sales area.  Please designate at the time of your donation that these items are not restricted and may be sold. Our mailing address is:
  • Lompoc Valley Historical Society
    P.O. Box 88
    Lompoc, CA  93438-0088
  • Or contact us using the email link above