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Lompoc’s Weather – More detailed weather in About Us/Contact Us

Current Announcements

  • Reunion Weekend!  All classes and guests invited! Friday, September 2, dinner at the Elk's, Saturday, September 3 Open House and   Sunday, September 4, Ryon Park Chicken BBQ. Details in the flyer   HERE
  • The Fall 2022 Newsletter is here. You can read it and others by clicking HERE


Previous Announcements

  • The Fabing-McKay-Spanne Property is open on Monday and Thursday mornings. Tours of the house are not yet available.  Please wear a mask and follow all Covid19 precautions.
  • The Lompoc High School Alumni Association has selected Ardeane Machado Eckert as the 2021 Hall of Fame alumnus.  Read about it HERE
  •  Myra Manfrina celebrated her 100th birthday.  Check it out.    Watch the Video. Issue #146 of the Legacy is all about Myra Manfrina.  Read all about her HERE

Research Gems

While doing research in the Myra Manfrina Research Room unique items are found. This is one of those; the drawings of Frank Barker.  Check them out HERE.  We will update them as we add more of these unique drawings. Updated 4/9/2022

Here are  pictures of 1958 Johns-Manville employees on the 100 year anniversary of the company.  Click HERE to view them.  This page will be updated until all of them are displayed. Updated 4/9/2022